AC on the beach ^ ^ Edward and Altair having a good (?) time

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
La Volpe and Ezio Auditore

Assassin’s Creed 2Ezio Auditore in Venice
Part 1/?
Assassin's Creed Asks
  • Altair: Something you did that made you lose respect from people around you?
  • Malik: Lost a loved one?
  • Ezio: Are you good around the gender you're attracted to?
  • Leonardo: Are you an artist? If so, care to show some of your work?
  • Connor: Did you suffer from a childhood trauma?
  • Haytham: Ever had a crush on someone you knew you shouldn't have?
  • Ziio: Can you handle tough situations on your own?
  • Edward: Are you a heavy drinker?
  • Shaun: Do you struggle to not make a sarcastic remark given the opportunity?
  • Rebecca: Are you good with computers/hacking?
  • Desmond: Ever had to sacrifice something for the sake of others?

 Ratonhnhaké:ton cosplay from Otakon this year!
Cosplayer: Me
Photographer: joe-hearthstone

​haha I saw this pic on facebook. actually pretty cool

The Deep Ocean. Picture made by me :)

Assassins’s Creed 3
Connor Kenway / sunset
Part 1/?